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The Rose Center for Learning has a rich history of providing dynamic trainings, supervision and counseling. Come get to know us.

The Rose Center for Learning experience is built on:


We provide dynamic, informative, timely and fun clinical trainings + community workshops.


Our trainings focus on connecting the content with immediate application on the job.


We offer certificate options, themed topic options, and membership options.


We offer an interactive experience through our member directory and community forum.


We offer an interactive experience through our member directory and community forum.


Everything we offer aims to build up the confidence of every professional customer.

Our History

The Rose Center for Learning has a rich history of providing dynamic trainings, supervision and counseling. 

What's in a Name

The Rose Center for Learning got its name by joining two distinct words. Years ago, Dr. Jenn lived in a valley of Massachusetts that was particularly battered by challenging weather, especially in winter when the snow seemed to accumulate at a greater rate than the rest of New England. Ice was often an issue, and there were ice storms that took out some of the loveliest trees in the area. Japanese Beatles all but demolished the tree population during one bad year. Storms, tornadoes and floods had a solid history in the years past as well. But there was one bush that survived all of it, and that was a set of rose bushes that had been planted in 1934. Those bushes saw it all, everything Mother Nature could throw their way, and yet they rose (see what I did there...) above it all. Despite a lot of house and neighborhood construction, many different owners (surely not all of them green thumbs, and some with children playing all around)... the bushes survived and continued to produce the most beautiful roses. We can't imagine a better symbol of the heartiness, strength, and dogged determination that lives in people. We all struggle with different things at different times, and we often need help from others, but we are built to be survivors, just like that little rose bush. No matter what life throws at us, with the right tools we can bloom. 

The second deliberate word is "learning." This may seem strange at first, as most establishments of our type would be named a center of "wellness" or "health." We like health, and wellness is certainly part of what we are after, but learning is at the core of all we do here at the RCFL. Whether you are learning how to conquer some specific aspect of yourself that you wish to change, or how to be a better spouse, or how to manage some distressful symptoms of an illness, or how to become a stronger, more successful clinician, or how to create a better, more satisfied and agile team in your business, you are here because there is something you need or want to learn. In an attempt to reduce so much stigma that plagues mental health, we wanted to normalize what we do here by using a familiar, comfortable descriptor. You are here to learn to be better, we are here to guide you there.

Our logo brings together those beautiful roses along a green vine that symbolizes the growth that comes from learning:

Meet the Team

Dr. Jenn

Founder & Principal Clinician


C.E.O. (Canine Executive Officer)


Diva of Details

What people are saying

Don't just take our word for it! We've trained more than a thousand participants and always get evaulations. Here what they have to say....

Read the love for The Art of Diagnosis:

"[I'm] very satisfied, very refreshing take on diagnosing- touching on confidence within self and natural ability to ask questions"

"Very thorough, in depth seminar regarding diagnosis of patients. I really liked the use of vignettes. I learned a lot about pitfalls of diagnosis + also resources to use."

"I liked how things were broken down small and then put together for cases. AND the humor!"

Read the love for The Clinical Interview:

"I really enjoyed the structure of the training. I enjoyed the videos as examples."

"[I liked] no pressure to participate, open communication if wanted, realisticly[sic] addressing pressures and stressors of the field."

"I liked the presenter's range of knowledge and enthusiasm."

Read the love for Making Sense of the DSM:

I particularly liked "her use of humor. The clinical vignettes were challenging."

"Very good information, good practice tools, rethinking best practice ways in working with families, children + individuals."
Read the love for Supervising the Diagnosing Clinician: